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A Bit About Me

 A bit about me... briefly, I've been a therapist for nine years.  I also have thirty years experience in the voluntary, care, and NHS sectors.  This has been supporting individuals with emotional distress and trauma, caused by a wide range of issues.  One of my commitments, is my investment in ongoing professional development in the field of trauma and gender diversity.  This ensures my practice is ethical, trauma informed and up to date.  And ultimately, benefits you, the client.

The relationship between the therapist and the client is really important.  It help you feel comfortable, emotionally contained and safe, which may sound obvious.  But it is also predictive of positive therapeutic outcomes, and a reduction in difficult symptoms.  Indeed the best way for us to find out if we will 'click', is to meet.  However, I hope that by sharing some information here about who I am, what makes me tick, and my values, will help to give you a sense of whether you want to connect with me.  So, if you're interested in those things, please carry on reading below.


Im a qualified nurse by background, working with people with poor mental health, learning disabilities and/or neurodivergence.  Most of whom sadly had trauma histories.  I enjoyed this role for 14 years, before retraining.  This enabled me to achieve my wish of supporting individuals therapeutically.  It also enabled me to focus on my interest in trauma.  Click on the image if you would like more information to get a sense of who I am.

About Me: Professional Information

Professional Information

As part of ensuring ethical and safe practice, I have regular clinical supervision.  I have chosen supervisors with specialist knowledge of trauma and diversity.  Supervision is an expected and necessary requirement for all therapists.  This ensures that the service I provide you with is professional, safe and ethical.

If you are interested, please click on the photo to find out more about my qualifications, professional memberships and continuing professional development.