Losing time and dissociation therapy.  To be seen, heard and witnessed.  Image only.

Hello, are you losing time or experiencing dissociation, and looking for therapy?

Losing time and dissociation can feel confusing and worrying, but therapy is available.  Professional support and understanding can help you.

Do any of these situations feel familiar to you…?

  • At times, nothing around me feels real
  • Sometimes I feel detached from my body
  • I feel confused at times, and its like Ive lost periods of time.
  • I keep having mood swings, anxiety and panic attacks. 
  • Sometimes I have suicidal thoughts and feelings, and want to self-harm.

This is often a normal response to very difficult circumstances or trauma.  It is your brains ingenious way of taking care of you - even though it may not feel that way.

It can feel worrying and confusing to dissociate.  This can include 'losing' periods of time, or feeling detached from your body.  Or you may feel detached from everything around you, very shut down or numb.  You could also be having feelings of anxiety, a desire to self harm, or thoughts of suicide.  These things are often present as people struggle to cope with their distress.

Online therapy can be really helpful if you are struggling with dissociation.  You can become more aware of your internal world, better able to recognise triggers, and to develop strategies and resources to help you cope.  This can help you feel physically and emotionally safer.  This can reduce dissociation.

If You Are Struggling With Your Experiences, Therapy Can Help...

  • improve stress/distress tolerance
  • have better coping skills
  • feel more connected to yourself and your inner experience
  • develop greater understanding of yourself
  • feel more compassionate towards yourself
  • feel more present in your life
  • understand and increase awareness of the different parts of your self
  • improve co-operation between the different parts of your self

I am passionate about supporting people who experience dissociative symptoms.  There is hope, and things can improve for you. 

In my online therapy space, you will find a calm, safe and accepting experience, with me.  I am kind, empathic, and non judgemental in the support I provide.  All parts of you are welcome in the therapy space. I do not work to time limits, and can provide long term counselling if thats what you need. 

Your situation may feel really difficult to manage at the moment, but the good news is that it's possible to feel better and to feel more in control of your life and experiences..  Together we can work towards this..

Take The Next Step, and Get in Touch..