Personal Biography

This personal biography is to give you a sense of who I am, and why I have chosen to be a trauma therapist.  Like you, Im a fallible human being, negotiating my way though life.  Therapists are human first!   Im from Norfolk, relocating to Nottinghamshire around ten years ago.  My happy place is in our little caravan, plonked somewhere with a sea or mountain view.  I love to read, both fiction, and therapy related books and journals.  I also love playing my tank drum, its calming and relaxing.  

Im a cisgendered female, heterosexual and married.  Up until this year, we have always had a houseful of animal companions.  I also ran a wild hedgehog rescue for many years.  I love nature and wildlife, and I care deeply about the environment. 

So, why am I a therapist?  

I experienced my own significant childhood traumas growing up.  I connect with the struggles that people experience, when trying to come to terms with their own histories.  My own journey through therapy felt long and difficult, but ultimately life changing.  This means that I have experienced just how transformative it can be.  I love to see the positive impact it can have on lives and relationships.  Growth can come from dark and challenging places.  My own therapy journey is ongoing, and is an important part of my being a grounded, safe therapist.

My nursing background, involved supporting patients with historical traumas.  It was this, and my personal therapy experiences, which inspired me to retrain as a therapist.  My relationship with my therapist 20 years ago, had a profound impact on my life going forward.  I have spent thirty years in the helping and healthcare professions, providing therapeutic support to traumatised individuals.  This has really shaped me, both as a person, and the therapist I want to be.

I continue to feel extremely privileged working as a therapist.  Clients trust me at times of immense personal distress, with their thoughts, feelings and memories.  And with their vulnerability.

Trust, relationship, and integrity are very important to me.  I am deeply committed to offering you an honest, respectful, safe and confidential relationship, in which we can work together.  All that being said, please don't think Im some kind of saintly fluffy person - Im really not!  I swear, and I enjoy humour, both of which can have a place in therapy.  My personal values are of kindness, compassion, honesty, and inclusivity.  I commit to being as flexible as I can to support people with health issues and/or neurodiversity, within my own competence.  Everyone matters.  You matter.

I will offer you a safe space, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, religious or spiritual beliefs, or colour.  That being said, trust takes time to establish and I don't expect you to trust me straight away simply because Im a therapist.  I need to demonstrate I am an okay person to trust.  Safety is also an internal feeling - I know that providing an objectively safe space, does not mean always feeling safe in therapy.  What I can do is be with you, and support you at those times.  

My online counselling room is a peaceful space, and you can see some photos of it here.  It provides privacy, and visual continuity for your online therapy experience.