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Photos Of Therapy Room

Welcoming, confidential and private, you may find it helpful, to be able to picture where your online counselling will take place.  Here are some photos of the counselling room.  This is where I will be with you.

It's a small cosy room, therefore Ive kept it fairly uncluttered and simple.  In addition, people often comment on its warm feel, and the lovely black and white prints on the walls.  I hope this gives you a sense of the space I use to see my clients.

Our physical environment constantly influences our emotions and general well-being.  Much of this may be out of awareness, or unconscious.  In the same way, the design of therapy rooms can affect your experience of being a client.   It may seem obvious that it needs to be confidential and private.  However, room layout can also affect your perceptions of psychological safety, intimacy, and willingness to self-disclose.  It also can affect the ability to build a therapeutic relationship, and for you to feel a sense of being okay in the space.  Therefore the therapy space is an important part of the process, even when therapy is being delivered online.  

Above all, the dedicated space I provide, gives confidentiality, privacy, and visual continuity for you, my client.  If you want to explore how we can work together online, please do get in touch.  I look forward to connecting with you.

confidential and private therapy room
confidentiality and privacy in dedicated therapy room
private and confidential dedicated room for online therapy