Hello, Im glad you are here.  How are you?

If you have found this page, its likely you are looking for support for trauma.  Psychological trauma is harm which occurs as a result of a distressing event, or events.   The emotional distress feels too overwhelming to cope with.  

Trauma can be caused by a single distressing experience or recurring events of being overwhelmed, harmed or in danger.  It may be childhood trauma, or something that has happened to you as an adult.  It may be that you don't currently recognise your experiences as being traumatic, but feel that they were normal when you were growing up.

Your trauma is valid.  

Many people feel that their response is an overreaction, and feel a sense of guilt, shame or worthlessness.  And I understand how difficult that feels.  

You might be feeling lost and out of control right now, with feelings of distress, shame, anger and anxiety.  You could be feeling preoccupied with traumatic events that have happened to you, or experiencing flashbacks, and struggling to not let them overwhelm you.

You might feel embarrassed to open up about what you’re really going through, even to family and friends.  Online counselling can help you to explore what’s bothering you.  Its important to know that what you are experiencing is normal, and its okay to ask for help.

You may be feeling:

  • like you cant control your emotions, and are scared that people will notice.
  • like its really difficult to get close to people, even those you love.
  • worried that things will never get any better.
  • that people would be better off without you.
  • the need to use drugs and/or alcohol to numb your emotions.
  • preoccupied with memories of traumatic events

Even if you are feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to cope, confidential online trauma counselling can help.

I provide a safe, calm, online space, to sit with you, on your terms, supporting you to work through your 'stuff' in your own way. I will work along side you, supporting you to heal your wounds and distress, in ways which feel safe and okay for you.

Previous clients have described me as kind, gentle, calm, and safe.   They have felt able to share things which they have previously not ever disclosed before.   Think of the online  therapy space as your comfortable, safe space for the time it is yours, to use as you need to.   The therapy room itself which I sit in, is private, and provides confidentiality and visual continuity.

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